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Mission Statement:

The west in the 1880's in a town where everyone was armed, respect was expected and given.
Rules were simple and life was charmed.
If you knew that everyone was pack'n and might shoot straighter or faster then you. You’d likely be more understanding and a might friendlier too. You'd consider your hog leg always loaded and only clear leather when prepared to go to work. You'd be honest and hard working, thoughtful, trustworthy and true, kind, courteous and careful and your word would be stronger than glue.
             This is the part of history we're promoting:                 
                                                                  Gun safety and the right to pack a gun.                                                                   To relive this time as close as we can,
meet new friends and have some fun.

We do this for each other
We do it every day,
We do it for America
and we do it the "Cowboy Way".

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